Wedding Videography – Having Your Shoot

Have you ever considered getting wedding videography in Singapore?

Personally, I was contemplating this decision before I got married. First of all, there was the question of whether I should even get wedding videography. The second question was whether I should take the video in Singapore if I wished to purchase wedding videography services.

Well, here are my answers after having the prior experience. Ok, a heads up, in the end I did go for a wedding videographer’s services and in the end the videographer is now my good friend. I engaged Grandeur Wedding’s videography services.

But anyhow, I was deciding if videography was a good choice because it cost nearly as much as a good bridal photography package and it would virtually double my expenses overnight.

Hence, I had to compare benefits versus cost and then make a decision based on that (if my wife also agreed with it) – otherwise, we would discuss.

Benefits of getting a video shot:

  • Better memories (or more) than just with photography alone.
  • It would make your marriage slightly more special than others because not everyone goes for a videographer but everyone goes and hires bridal photographers.

Cons of getting a video shot:

  • More costs

After discussing with my wife, we have come to the unanimous decision of getting wedding videography services because we feel that wedding is a once in a life time event and we should make the memories of it beautiful. After all, we can not go back in time to change our decision just in case we wanted to capture a video again. that would thus no longer be possible.

Ok, now moving on. Some couples may splurge much more on videography by getting the studio to follow them overseas and paying for all their air fare and accommodation. For me and my wife, we didn’t want to spend that much, hence we did not go and took our wedding video locally and shot it in Singapore. Simple as that.

Amazing Wedding Photography Singapore

For those people who are on the fence whether you should have your wedding photography in Singapore, you might really want to read this post because I’m about to share with you some seriously amazing poses and places you can have your wedding photography Singapore taken.

One of the best places and poses to take is actually at Marina Bay Sands – at the rooftop

mbs singapore

I highly doubt that the wedding photography idea I am about to share with you has been used before but here’s what happens. You want to go to the edge of the public observation deck of Marina Bay Sands as shown in the image above. You and your fiancee can then hold each other just like how Titanic was like. Then the wedding photographer can fly a drone with his camera out into the sky and take pictures from just outside the public observation deck. How amazing would that look!

This would be one of the best wedding photographs possible in Singapore.

Another great places to take wedding photography in Singapore would be Sentosa Island. Known since the mid 2000s for being luxurious and exclusive, Sentosa is the perfect marriage between urban and rural. It is just like Hawaii (of course, it is significantly smaller than Hawaii).

A unique place to have your Singapore wedding photography in Sentosa would be the SEA aquarium.

wedding in Singapore

There are two ways you can have your photographs taken. First of all would be you and your fiancee posing in front of the aquarium. The other would be more unique but not suitable for everyone – to dive into the aquarium and have your wedding photographer take pictures for you while you’re in it and pose (just don’t be eaten alive by a Shark :P).

Alright. So as you can see, even from just the two locations I have suggested for your wedding photography Singapore, there are lots of opportunities to take amazing photos in Singapore for your pre wedding photo shoot.

Make sure to get a good photography company in Singapore to help you capture these beautiful bridal photos! If you need a recommendation from us, one of the best in Singapore is known to be Grandeur Wedding studio.

Wedding Cinematography Singapore

wedding videography Singapore

What is marriage cinematography all about? Many people mistakenly think that it is similar to wedding videography. However, they are worlds apart. Let me try to explain to you what it is all about and the various differences.

First of all, when it comes to wedding cinematography, just like the name suggests, it is about creating a video which is much more like a film you watch in the cinema than one which is candid. Basically, the Singapore wedding cinematographer will actually have to think up of sequences of filming he or she will do.

This means that you will be directed to act sometimes. Because of the way it is taken, it is usually not taken on the actual day wedding ceremony unlike wedding videography. The scenes and video in a wedding cinematography in Singapore are specially chosen and could be taken over a period of time and not all taken on the same day.

If you want to properly visualize the difference between Singapore wedding cinematography and videography, just imagine a Hollywood film v.s. an amateur video. This is the reason why Singapore wedding cinematography usually costs many times more than a videographer. You pay much more money but to receive something much more valuable and of a much higher quality.

So if you’re asking me if I recommend every couple to have it taken for them, I would not say so. This is because it can cost significantly more than a wedding videography in Singapore. I would have to say that unless you have a comfortable budget to splash, you should not go for it. However, if you clearly do have a big budget for your wedding with your fiancee, then you MUST go for wedding cinematography Singapore. (But make sure to hire a good cinematographer or everything will go to naught).

Finding Singapore Best Actual Day Wedding Photographer

Finding the best actual day wedding photography Singapore is not that difficult if you know how to identify a great wedding photographer.

However, there are differences between a professional who takes actual day wedding photography Singapore versus one who specializes in pre wedding.

Difference: When it comes to a pre wedding photo shoot, you want a person who is capable of taking the most amazing photographs, even if you and the person may not communicate perfectly, there is still a lot of time throughout the day to take the photos. However, when it comes to actual day wedding photography in Singapore, you want to engage a person with whom understands you easily. This is because during your Singapore actual day wedding photography, you have literally no time to stop and pose for images, and you want him or her to capture all the angles and scenes that you want him or her to capture without directing.

Here’s how to find a great professional so that your actual day wedding photographs in Singapore will turn out looking great… or you could simply take our recommendation and check out. They have great packages and promotions for brides and bridegrooms looking for wedding services in Singapore. I have worked with them before and they’re a bunch of friendly photographers to work with!

– Try to have the same person you want for your actual day imagery to help you take the photographs for your pre wedding photo shoot as well. This way, you will know how that person works and the actual style of images he or she can and is capable of taking for you. If you find that you constantly have to ask him or her to take from another angle or pose differently, you might want to engage another Singapore wedding photographer.

– Always talk to the person or at least gauge if you and the wedding photographer can communicate without asking questions to each other about every single pose in every single photograph or you will find it a real pain when he or she takes your actual day images.

– Make sure to check out his or her reviews about the customer service support because if he or she spoils the actual day photos, you would not be able to repeat it unlike pre wedding.

pre wedding photographer Singapore

Things to ask a wedding photographer

Are you looking to hire a wedding photographer in Singapore to take photographs for you? You might already know this, but for those people / couple who do not, there are two types of wedding photography – pre wedding photography Singapore and actual day wedding photography.

Pre wedding photography refers to the images the newly weds take before the actual day ceremony event. This means the couple go out to various nice locations with great scenery to take pre wedding photography in Singapore. Actual day wedding photography is straight forward – simply means taking of wedding photographs during the actual day event / banquet. Actual day photo shoots are usually simply candid images taken by the engaged Singapore wedding photographer.

However, because pre wedding photo shoots are where most of the fun is at and is where it is usually much more complicated, I would like to help you better understand the process of hiring a professional photographer in Singapore to help you capture your pre wedding photography in Singapore.

So moving on, what are the things to ask a Singapore pre wedding photographer?

1. His experience. You want to make sure that the person (he or she) has a deep level of knowledge about the entire pre wedding photography Singapore niche. The more experienced the person, the more likely he or she is able to take better pictures.

2. His portfolio. This will show you how good his photographs are. You can expect yours to be around the same quality. The style that a pre wedding photographer in Singapore will take for you is usually very similar to that of how he or she has helped his or her past clients take. So make sure that the images in the portfolio suits your tastes and preferences.

3. Pricing. Make sure that the price quoted isn’t too far above the market rate. You should compare the various pricing from different Singapore pre wedding photographers to ensure that you have not been scammed.

If you want to find a truly great pre-wedding photography studio in Singapore, you can drop by Grandeur Wedding Studio and contact them. They have pretty good packages for brides. Another good alternative will also be Nat Studios or 36 Frames.

Searching For Wedding Photographers In Singapore

Are you searching high and low for wedding photographers Singapore and wondering how to find a suitable one?

Here’s how to find top Singapore wedding photographers to help you and your fiancee capture amazing footage.

1) Go online and search for wedding photography on Google – there should be a lot of results here. (The reason I did not ask you to go with a friend’s referral is because unless you and your spouse agree with his or her taste of photography, chances are, you will be more productive and save effort by checking out for photographers online by yourself as you can check out their portfolio immediately. There is no need for double work. Additionally, wedding photography tastes can be very unique as well, so you can make the decision by you and your fiancee without depending on random recommendations by potentially friends and family with different taste preferences.)

2) Look at the wedding photographs in Singapore that the sole proprietor or the company has taken in the past. Every professional has a particular slant in capturing their wedding photo shoot images just like how every writer has a unique slant to their story. You want to ensure that the style suits your taste as it is your wedding and not anyone else’s.

3) You can’t really tell how the wedding photographer’s character is behind just words on their website, but most of them have studios, so feel free to pop by their studio and talk to them, find out what they’re like and if you and your spouse’s characters suits. It is essential that both you and your fiancee can communicate very well and easily with the wedding photographer. This is because he or she is going to be servicing you for your most important day of your life – your wedding.

It is actually super easy to find top photographers in Singapore for your wedding photo shoot if you follow the above tips and combine all 3 of the tips when making your selection.

Choose A Good Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is your special day, so do not mess it up. Make sure to definitely get only top wedding photographers in Singapore for your wedding photo shoot session or you will regret it.

Trust me, although good photographers usually cost quite a bit more, the quality of the photos will stick with you for life, so ensure that you choose an experienced and good bridal photographer who can good quality bridal pictures. You can try Grandeur’s bridal photography services for good quality wedding pictures.. Don’t scrounge for something which is special and once in a lifetime and will stick with you forever.

So how can you identify a good wedding photographer in Singapore? There is a very simple metric to judge this and here is what it is: Does the wedding photographs portfolio portray warmth and emotions?

Because at the end of the day, you want to capture the love and emotions you feel for your spouse and vice versa in your wedding photo shoot. So you want to find photographers who are able to capture that. Some wedding photographers in Singapore can take very nice pictures which are technically perfect, but somewhat lack the warmth. It is hard to explain this just look out for this 1 element – trust me, it can make or break your marriage couple photo shoot.

The super easy secret to finding a good photographer in Singapore is to simply ask for recommendations, then look on their website to check out the wedding photographs they have taken in the past and see if it suits whatever a perfect wedding photo shoot is in your mind.

I have heard of horror stories where couples in Singapore chose a cheaper photographer or videographer, ended up with poor looking photos and videos and then cannot reverse time to take as well and regret for their lives. Make sure to always choose only the top professional photographers with great customer service support reviews for great wedding photography Singapore.

How To Look For A Great Wedding Photoshoot Photographer

If you are looking for a great wedding photography firm in Singapore, then you definitely need to note the following few elements of your photographer and your ideas so as to have the greatest fun possible.

There are basically two types of wedding photographers you will find in Singapore – one acts more like a director where he or she will direct you to stand or sit in particular poses and take wedding photographs for you while the other type of professional in Singapore will be more passive and follow what you instruct him or her to take for you and will only give advice when he or she feels that it’s really much better to take a photo from another angle or at another venue e.t.c.

First of all, if you are already super sure of the type of wedding photographs you want to take and how you want it to turn out, then you might want a photographer who is more passive and simply take and optimize the type of picture you have in your mind.

However, if you are completely inexperienced with wedding photography, and have no spectacular ideas you want to carry out, then you want to go along with a photographer who is more creative. (Photography skills are definitely there with most professional photographers, but in terms of having creative ideas, not everyone has them)

In terms of your wedding photo ideas, you may want to ask if you and your spouse are the sporty type, the nerdy type, the geeky type, the business type, the whatever type and you can have a themed wedding according to that! In most pre-wedding photo-shoots, the photographer can help you procure certain props and attires if you inform him or her earlier.

Basically, there is no one perfect fit for every couple, as each person and his or her fiancee will definitely have different tastes from other couples. Because it is your wedding photography session, you want to cater to your tastes and preferences more than listening to other people’s recommendation (though it helps to shortlist those recommended Singapore wedding photographers – then choose among them)