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Wedding Cinematography Singapore

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What is marriage cinematography all about? Many people mistakenly think that it is similar to wedding videography. However, they are worlds apart. Let me try to explain to you what it is all about and the various differences.

First of all, when it comes to wedding cinematography, just like the name suggests, it is about creating a video which is much more like a film you watch in the cinema than one which is candid. Basically, the Singapore wedding cinematographer will actually have to think up of sequences of filming he or she will do.

This means that you will be directed to act sometimes. Because of the way it is taken, it is usually not taken on the actual day wedding ceremony unlike wedding videography. The scenes and video in a wedding cinematography in Singapore are specially chosen and could be taken over a period of time and not all taken on the same day.

If you want to properly visualize the difference between Singapore wedding cinematography and videography, just imagine a Hollywood film v.s. an amateur video. This is the reason why Singapore wedding cinematography usually costs many times more than a videographer. You pay much more money but to receive something much more valuable and of a much higher quality.

So if you’re asking me if I recommend every couple to have it taken for them, I would not say so. This is because it can cost significantly more than a wedding videography in Singapore. I would have to say that unless you have a comfortable budget to splash, you should not go for it. However, if you clearly do have a big budget for your wedding with your fiancee, then you MUST go for wedding cinematography Singapore. (But make sure to hire a good cinematographer or everything will go to naught) try this out.