Advanced Forex Autorespender Strategies


Forex is a hyper-competitive market that requires sophisticated marketing strategies to stay ahead of the pack. One of the best marketing tools for Forex marketers is a well-designed and edited autoresponder program.

Email auto-modifiers allow you to easily collect subscribers and send them multiple emails over time. Basically, an autoresponder is a set-and-forgotten follow-up marketing program that brings sales over time.

This article will highlight specific strategies that forex marketers can use to create a successful autoresponder program.

Create sublists for profit

Most automated service providers make it easy for you to create sublists. The service automatically subscribes to a lead from one listing and adds it to another based on a trigger – like a purchase.

In marketing circles you will hear the rule of thumb is “on the money list” which is absolutely correct. Even more profitable is the money in the sublist. Sublists are short lists taken from your large list. For example, a list of buyers taken from your potential list is a sublist. Or, a list of buyers of specific products taken from your buyers list will be a sublist.

Use these sublists for targeted marketing campaigns that promote a specific product based on your leadership’s past behavior. These promotions regularly perform dramatically better than other general email campaigns because they are targeting specific customers.

Monetize the list with approved offers

Once you have created a buyer sublist, you can monetize these lists with complementary foreign exchange authorized offers. Affiliate offers give you the opportunity to increase your revenue per listing customer. The best strategy is to choose offers that will help your customers and this is a natural extension of your primary product. For example, the Forex Beginners Home Study course is a great complementary offer to a list of Forex Robot or EA buyers.

Load up for years to stay on top of the mind

All the continuity of the email autoresponder market. Your goal should be to be in front of your list members with at least 2-3x relevant content per month. You want to be the first person you think about when your potential people have forex trading questions or problems. I suggest you create a 52-week schedule loaded with a mix of complementary approved offers, educational articles and tips on how to use your product.

The hardest part of email autoresponder marketing is getting started. Just take one of the strategies detailed in this article and make it work. After it’s done, go to the next one. In a short time you will have a targeted strategy that will monetize your listing and build a profitable relationship with your prospects and list of buyers.