Find content to share with your tribe


This information is shared by Amy Star Allen … She is a mentor and great teacher as well as a successful online marketer. His content is always spot on and helpful. Here is the information of an online video of him.

Content is important for providing value to your customers and increasing quality. Content is provided where you can showcase and teach customers and your products by enhancing your value. These places give you an idea of ​​where to find the substance that can be shared with your customers, followers, tribes, groups, down lines, etc.

One place to look for ideas for content delivery is from your discussions on social media. Teams Facebook, Mayo, Parlor, And other platforms raise questions that people want answered. These questions can help you put together valuable information and answers for the following.

One more place to search Google Or the keywords entered in a search engine search box will give your sponsors an array of ideas for content. Ideas usually pop up as soon as you type a word … just look at a few of them and see what the content might be for your use.

Pinterest A site where people post a lot of information. You can find almost anything on this platform. You can see a variety of things being posted, from quotes, art to recipes, ads, pictures, etc. The list goes on and it can gain a plethora of content ideas.

Website title “Accountability. comTakes data from Google And organizes it in a way that will help you organize the content. This is a unique site and to help you really know what the information can do for you, visit the site and listen to instructional videos provided to enlighten you.

Other websites ““By sharing and helping to spread the knowledge of the world, it gives you quick access that may not be available on a large scale. It will help you to understand the opinions and understandings of others. Koora The answer to the question is set up. Write a question and get answers to this question … it gives you access to data and content. Searching. Enjoy

YouTube, TickTock, Instagram Reels And videos from other video sources have questions and comments below. Take a look through the comments and evaluate the common threads of the questions asked. These questions and comments can give you ideas for sharing content with your customers, friends, tribes or groups.

These few sources give you an unlimited supply of knowledge that will enable you to share and create content that values ​​you and ultimately leads to sales and profits. Congratulations on finding your relationship development messages with your list of customers.