How downloadable transcripts can increase your interview preferences


I think by telling people they will have the opportunity to download the copy after the interview so that more people can take the option. In particular, a customer has the option of just listening live. Let me give you an example. I’m taking Alex’s Teles Miner’s Secrets program and I know what I’ve done with my marketing. I pre-recorded audio interview marketing.

I did my own teleseminar event, a live teleseminar. Now, I don’t promote it so much. I sent two emails to my list – one announcing that I would be holding an upcoming tele-seminar on how I can make more money through your audio interviews. Then, I did another email after that which only mentioned one PS. I didn’t name the time when it was going to happen, but I said it would be live.

Once I decided, via PS email I said, “Check out my next email and I’ll announce the time of the live interview on how I can make more money through audio interviews.”

Then, I sent another email that revealed the time and date of the actual telesignara, we are live now. So, I only sent it twice.

Now, in all of these emails, I think it’s very important to mention that if you can’t make the call – and I mention it – you can download the recordings if you can’t make the call. You will be able to play it in a replay line and I will have a full copy.

So, I gave them a choice. If you can’t make a call, it will be available to me which is consistent with all my interviews on my site. It matches my list. There was no real pressure to come and listen to anyone at the live event.

Now, I’ve promoted Alex’s Telesminar and the way I’ve advertised, I’ve sent six different emails promoting this live Telesminar. It was a campaign call for the privacy of his teleseminar and I sent six separate emails. I sent it an hour before the call. I really wanted to try it.

As I mentioned in all these emails, it will just go live. I will not post it on my site. I don’t have it on my site. Only sign up and registered people can access the play again. If you do not register your first name, surname and email address without signing up, you will not get access.

The only thing you could hear was live and every time you send an email to your list. Suppose you have 10,000 people on your list. Suppose you have added 1000 people to your list. If you have a good reputation, you send thousands of emails and you may have 200 emails open.

Then, out of these 200 people you may have a certain amount of people who will do what you tell them to do. It can last up to one or two percent, but you can send the same email a week later and get one or two percent or a whole notar 200 people to open your email.

Then, you can send it at a different time on a different day and you can have 200 of the thousands of people open it. So, whenever you send an email, you are going to hit a different section of your list, which will increase the chances of providing someone with an interview or registering them for free at a teleseminar event.

I think there must be power in listening after studying Alex’s staff because it comes to people because they don’t want to miss it. I think they’re coming because they just don’t want to miss it.

My point is I want to get the content in the title of that potential. I don’t want anything to stand in the way. People don’t like to be told what to do. I want to say, “I’m going to do a tele-seminar. It’s going to be live. If you want to come to my live call, great. Now it’s time.”

I didn’t promote it too much because there were only 99 people in my line, but I always said you were going to the replay no matter what. I bet a lot of people get to hear it after this replay is done.

It would be more convenient for me to provide this recorded telescope on my own terms and they can download it. They can play it again on the phone line. They will be able to hear it on YouTube. I’m marketing all my audio interviews as a way to hear them all

So, when you talk about providing transcripts as a bonus for signing up, I think it will help you. I’m giving up everything no matter what, but I think it makes sense. There are some people who will only deliver the heard live event or they will upsell the copy for ten rupees. So, if they are registered directly for the event and for ten dollars you can get the copies and then they can make one more upsell of the transcripts in three ring binders including a CD. So, there are ways to sell that information.

I’m looking for the big picture I don’t want to get anything in the way of the message. I want to be able to sell a superior service like my audio interview service where I get people to take an interview and edit it and be able to verify the interview in all the different ways and the way I market audio interviews, that’s all for them.

I’d rather have a chance to sell like that than sell ten dollars on some transcripts and my message and my whole sales message are unlikely to get in their head.