Making Money With Fiber – 3 Tips


In today’s “jig economy”, fiber has become a more obvious opportunity for young people in the fast-paced era.

With its easy availability, huge audience and huge pool of highly talented suppliers, it has become a solution for all skilled entrepreneurs, allowing people to create everything from decent to full-time income.

To this end, if you’ve heard of Fiber, or are looking for ways it can help you make the most of your time and skills – this is definitely an opportunity to see what Fiber actually is, how it works, and what it is for global job providers. Going to mean.

Founded in 2012, Fiber has a combined list of more than 3 million with its Tel Aviv headquarters in Israel. The name of the company derives from the starting price of each of its listings ($ 5) – although a common misconception is that this is the only “only” price for which you can list your services. The reality is you can list services up to 1, 1,500 for the price. The $ 5 price is just a token starting fee.

The system enables “suppliers” to list their services as “jigsaws”. In these jigs, providers promise to perform tasks for a nominal fee, ranging from digital marketing choices to creative writing.

The customer will pay the supplier, pay the money in Fiber’s hand until the work is finished. The supplier then has a certain amount of time to deliver their work to the customer. The customer can then request corrections, or simply provide a “star” rating for the service they receive.

The most important thing to remember about Fiber’s business model is that it is short and sharp. People go there for “simple” work, and usually don’t pay for anything too ambitious. When it started as an easy way to earn money as a struggling student, it has grown exponentially into the huge platform we see today.

The most popular services on Fiber are copywriting and creative / article writing. People want local English writers to create “perfect” copies for their product listings, websites and general business portfolios. Providing these services on the platform gives you a direct way to earn an extra two hundred dollars with relatively little expense.

If you are interested in how it works, you can use 3 tips to move forward on the platform.

  1. Stay private

    The most important thing (for long term growth) is to be personal. Using your face, testimonials and real portfolio is one of the most important ways to make progress on a site. You can make progress anonymously – or under the guise of an organization – this is a better option for making sure you’re investing in yourself. Some of the most well-known vendors on the site include people who simply keep their credentials and provide a service.

  2. Sell ​​what you know

    Rather than copy what other people are doing, sell what you know. It took several attempts to get a gig that people could actively search for (for example, my friend was a finance guy and I set up a fiber gig to sell “cryptocurrency” articles for him – orders started coming in very quickly). The most important thing with this is that if you are trying to “fit”, you will basically end up chasing something that is not really your fore. Instead, you need to put your own best foot forward in a truly creative way (so that people find you).

  3. Always test / test

    Until the end, you need to try new jigs, new ways to promote your work and new ways to portray what you have done before. There is no point in settling down because it is a waste of your time and ends up getting nowhere.

The most important thing to remember is that you can sell what you buy (which usually leads to short-term success). If you have real skills, you can use the opportunity of fiber to equip yourself with the skills to grow your underlying brand.