Big Ticket Blueprint – Can You Create An End-to-End Profit For Your Business? (Yes, you can)


There are five steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. These are: your offer, lead collection, lead temptation, lead selection and lead conversion.

5 steps

Your proposal – The first step is to create an attractive offer with your training, products and services. How you can combine your training, products and services with offers that not only motivate you, but also your prospects.

Do not give your offer below the price! This is an important part of this initiative. Most marketers value each component of their offer and then add them. In this system I suggest you rate your offer based on how much it will cost you. No. Take advantage of it.

Lead collection – How do you get your lead? You can be a guest at article marketing, telesiminars, JVs and other people’s teleseminars. Lead collection is another way to make a list of your high efficiency possibilities.

Lead casting – Looks kind of sexy, doesn’t it? The simple meaning of lead temptation is – once you’ve collected lead and they’re on your list now, how do you best teach them how to teach them and where to buy them? One of the many great leadership temptation strategies, among many others, is to follow teleseminars towards your leadership / potential.

Leadership selection – In this system you do not make your offer to everyone. Select the leadership you want to follow. A great way to do this is to possibly fill out an application for a strategy session with you

Lead conversion – Once you submit an application for an anticipation strategy session you set up the sessions with the best probability. In the strategy session you listen to their challenges in doing what you want the prospect to do and then you make your offer to show them how you and your system will guide them to get the results they want.