Tips to avoid scams


I think we all agree: there are a lot of scandals out there. Both online and off. Good thing:

The email of a “millionaire” who needs help transferring large sums of money “is one of the most popular scams online.
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How “You won the lottery !!” Mails? You know you can’t really win anything unless you buy a ticket, or register for the lottery in question. Ready to be a scam!

Oh, and the “free credit report” mails, did you know that they usually wanted someone to get your SSN number, or did some of them bill you later for using their “free” service?

Check out the e-gold and PayPal scams, where someone sends you an email telling you to login or risk losing everything. Both E-Sonar and PayPal have strict email policies and neither of them will want to know your login information via email.
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Then there’s “You Won a Free Gift”. How much do you get them per week? All you have to do is pay and pay, right? Okay, that doesn’t mean it’s really free, does it? You know what they get when they claim this free gift? Usually your credit card number, even your email address / phone number which may be sold as “leads”.
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I’ve put together a bunch of links that can help you market safely online without fear of scams.

Reduce credit card fraud

Museum of Scams and Fraud (I really like it)

Great list of online and offline scams

A forum to discuss paid programs. Good, bad and scandalous

List of scandals with funny touches

What if you’ve already been scammed? Complain! Don’t give it up. You don’t help yourself or anyone else if you just leave it at that. Even if you don’t get your money back, you’re doing your bit to stop these scammers and fraudsters, helping to avoid others in the end.

Scammed? Report!

A joint project of consumer protection agencies from 17 countries []

How to complain (UK) []

To the end:

There’s just plenty of hype and it’s easy to “suck”. We all want to believe that we can make the promised 10`s thousands of dollars in just a few weeks.

In reality, things like this just don’t happen. The only person who can, if at all, make that amount of money is the owner of the program. Always remember your spending, if it seems unbelievable, it probably is.

Regardless of what you market online, always do your homework before signing up for anything. It is really important to do a lot of research before you decide to pay.

Don’t rely on just a few sources for information, search as much as you can. Check out the listings and forums, see if they have anything to say about the program / product you are considering.

Ask your friends and acquaintances if they hear anything, good or bad. Go to marketing chatrooms, see what people will say about it. Ask questions about everything you need to know about your product / program. You will be amazed at the amount of information you can get.

Contact the owners, ask questions. If they are elusive, or do not answer you at all, my advice should be clear.

Above all, never use money that you can’t lose.