The main feature of blockchain


Blockchain was originally created as a decentralized leader in Bitcoin transactions taking place within the Bitcoin network. A decentralized or distributed database / laser basically means that the storage devices, where the blanks are located, are not linked to a common processor. Blockchain has a growing list of transactions through blocks. Each block is time stamped and then becomes part of the blockchain and is attached to the previous block

Before computers, people make many copies of their important documents and store them in impenetrable steel safe, chest of drawers or in bank vaults. As an additional security measure you will translate each of these documents into a secret language that only you understand. That way, even if someone manages to break into your bank vault and steal your belongings, they won’t be able to understand your cryptic messages and you still have plenty of backups stored elsewhere.

Blockchain puts this idea into steroids. Imagine that you and a million friends are able to copy all your files, encrypt them with special software, and save them to each other’s digital bank vaults (computers) all over the Internet. That way even if a hacker breaks into your computer, steals or destroys it, they can’t interpret your data and your friends network still has 999,999 backups of your files. In short it is a blockchain.

Special files scrambled with encryption software so that only certain people can read them, save them to a common computer, connect to the network, or connect to the Internet. Files are called – it records your data in a certain way. Computers are called nodes or blocks – personal computers that share their processing power, storage space, and bandwidth. And the network is called a chain – a series of connected blocks that allow computers to work together to share leaders from each other (hence the name, blockchain).

The social impact of blockchain technology is already beginning to be realized and this may just be an indication of an iceberg. Cryptocurrencies have already raised suspicions about financial services through the provision of digital wallets, ATM rollouts and loans and repayments. At a time when more than 2 billion people worldwide today are considering this issue without a bank account, such transfers can certainly be life-changing and simply positive.

Cryptocurrency exchanges will be easier for developing countries than the Fight Money and Credit Card process. In a way, this is similar to the transformation that has taken place with cellular phones in developing countries. It was easier to acquire a large number of cell phones than to provide a new infrastructure for landline phones. Decentralization away from government and control over people’s lives would probably be adopted by many and the social effects could be significant enough.

Identity snatching in the news in recent years should only be considered. The transfer of control of identification to the public must eliminate such incidents and allow people to disclose information with confidence. In addition to providing disadvantaged access to banking services, greater transparency can also increase the profile and effectiveness of donors working in developing countries under corrupt or strategic governments. The level of confidence in where the money goes and who pays the benefits will certainly increase the additional contribution and support for those in need in different parts of the world. Humorously, and without public opinion, Blockchain can create a financial system based on trust.

Blockchain technology has been put in place to take this one step further, removing the possibility of vote rigging and all other negatives related to the current process. Believe it or not, blockchain can actually solve some of these problems. Of course, with a new technology, new obstacles and problems will come but the cycle continues and those new problems will be solved with more sophisticated solutions.

The decentralized register provided all the data needed to accurately record the votes on an anonymous basis and verified the accuracy and whether there was any manipulation in the voting process. Intimidation is non-existent as voters are able to cast their ballots for the privacy of their homes.

It remains to be seen whether blockchain technology will become a part of everyday life. While we know today that inflated expectations have increased the likelihood of the central banks and their responsibilities ending, the end of the centralized financial system is probably a step too far for now. Time will tell how the blockchain will evolve, but one thing seems certain today. Resilience is no longer an option and needs to be changed.


8 Ways to Virtual Events Increase Your Biz Quickly


How to host successful virtual events such as tele-series and tele-summit conferences is a strategy that every entrepreneur who wants a huge, targeted, ultra-profitable list of customers needs to know.

What is a virtual event? Quite simply, it is a series of teleminines hosted with a specific topic or theme with a team of experts (your joint venture partners).

For example, every year my husband / business partner and I host Networking Masters Telesmit at International Networking Week. And every year, the event also attracts a ton of new and relevant customers and earnings. We grow our business by jumping and boundaries without inches like before.

Here are 8 reasons why my # 1 marketing strategy for hosting virtual events:

1) Rapid List Building: The joint publicity efforts of the joint venture team generate extensive exposure. For example … 10 high profile joint venture partners with an average list size of 10,000 means your event will be published to 100,000 people. It’s good for you – and it’s good for your joint venture partners

2) Hidden List Building: When done correctly – through your virtual event you target a flood of attractive new customers and are relevant to your field of expertise. So, you get the best of both worlds: quantity + quality. And, when it comes to listing, it’s a winning combination! The more relevant your list is, the easier it is to create agility and the more likely they are to become a payment customer.

3) Instant Income: A virtual event provides a valuable opportunity to dedicate instant earnings when properly planned. That’s right, one percent of your targeted and relevant subscribers will be delivered to customers immediately.

4) Catalyst of Growth: A virtual event is a catalyst for extraordinary development. My business grows by leaps and bounds instead of entering side by side. I was able to gain momentum and create a virtual event. And you can too!

5) Effectively share skills across: In my opinion, the virtual event is final Lifting. By partnering with other experts in your niche, combined strength and effort enhances your list, increases your credibility, and encourages earnings. You can now impress more people and … do more of what you love!

)) Credibility through associations: When you partner with other highly respected experts in your field, it increases your credibility through associations. And, as you lead a joint venture, you also increase your reputation factor! “Oh wow! You know! [insert name of super cool guru JV partner]? I’m overwhelmed “

)) Strong and profitable relationships: Increases your credibility through associations by collaborating with other experts and creating joint ventures. As you value and enhance their lives, they want to add value and increase to you. This mutually beneficial win-win relationship is invaluable.

8) Marketing is fun and easy! Marketing becomes easy and fun! The speed of each event allows me to invest time and money to get the greatest results. Here the key word is level again. Virtual Events Smart Marketing on Steroids!

Do you sit down to watch and envy others who are jumping into their business with virtual events?

Now it’s your turn …

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is. If you are ready, I am ready to teach you in detail, how to create your own 100% unique telesomite so that you can enjoy new targeted customers, instant credibility and more money!


Get money sharing tips online


Have you ever imagined a situation where in order to make extra money, you don’t have to wake up, think of ways to work every day? Instead of working when you need to work, you work whenever you want. Through the internet, you can make a lot of money and the kind of life you have always dreamed of live In this article, we will discuss some of the ways to make money online.

Here are 5 tips I would like to share with you and help you explore online monetization. Press each suggestion and choose the one that works best for you. I believe with your perseverance, the results will gradually show up and become a long-term passive income source for you.

CB Passive Income

The concept of CB Passive Income is teaching different methods of generating fast traffic that are sent to a paged page. It allows you to create monetized email lists. Then, click-throughs are sent to each email in the list of different products. Once sold through the link a certain commission will be accepted by the list owner.


Freelancing is another easy way to make money online. As a freelancer, you work online providing little service. You can provide something different from writing techniques, playing techniques, explaining, making music, short video clips, voice over and much more. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to make money online while doing what you like most.

Email – Marketing

Email marketing is at the heart of every effective activity on the Internet. If you are really serious about making money on the internet, email marketing is definitely a great way to do it. If these email subscribers are effective and intensely motivated by what you have to say and they join directly through your web page or blog, your success rate will be even higher.

Websites that provide

Another way to earn extra money while working from home is to perform various tasks on a website. The work can range from shopping to testing products to surveys. Some of the websites include Swagbox, InboxDolers, Project Poyde, User Test etc. But do not dream of earning millions. Just the opportunity to save extra money.

Work-at-home organizations

Moreover, certain companies are ready to hire your skills, even if you need to work from home. You will be assigned specific tasks to manage. You will be paid after the work is completed. These work-in-home companies include Crowdsource, LivePop, LeapForce and Demand Studios.


Making money on the web – 5 sophisticated ideas


A long one in the summer of 2006. The well-dressed man entered my office to inform me of new investment opportunities. It was an investment in a new kind of online business and he explained when he was leaving the prospectus with me, he made a very memorable point. My objection to his investment proposal was that the internet is an investment medium because there is no real underlying asset to tie up investment capital. It’s not just a zero, (computer code) like other investments that can be sold in the worst case, an internet investment didn’t have the inherent resources to offer their investors as a parallel.

Well, it’s obvious, but my memorable answer here is he gave my objectionable objection. He made sure it was true, but why did Google pay ভিডিও 2 billion to two young men working from their garage for a video sharing website “YouTube”?

Does Google have the ability to create its own video sharing website? Couldn’t they have made one in less than a day?

Why would Google invest so much money to acquire this business? ( I replied, I didn’t really know.

He replied, because YouTube has an underlying resource. That property actively uses the site to name 20 million members. He went on to explain that it is an underlying asset and even a list of members is a marketable asset with a strength of even 10,000.

In the end I didn’t invest in this website, but that conversation was always stuck with me.

1) To make money on the web, the ultimate goal of any serious business person is to list your website’s loyal users. The list is the ultimate underlying asset of any online business, as clearly illustrated in the YouTube / Google acquisition.

This first point is number one on my list of 5 most sophisticated ideas for making money on the web. Making a list!

2) Do you have a digital camera? Did you know that there are websites that allow you to upload your favorite images, where webmasters can actually download your images to any image. The more pictures you have in your portfolio the more money you can make and trust me they don’t have to be high end photography, many webmasters prefer funky, less polished images.

3) Can you make brilliant videos? Have you ever submitted to YouTube? Why choose a product without going to Clickbank and make a funny video about the subject of the product and put your approved link at the end of your video. If it hits a lot, you can expect a decent return on your own!

4) Can you write a book? Go to Cafe Express, they will print a copy or million copies for the same price. Get a serial number for the book and list it on Amazon, then go to work on marketing it through blogs and social networks. New York Times # 1 Best Seller List … Here We Go!

5) Shovel sale! During every 500 gold rush in the world from California to Australia in the last 500 years, many people with gold fever usually go home empty-handed, only a few percent looking for gold. But those who set up stores selling blue jeans and shawls, they cleaned up! This same financial strategy can be applied to the Internet. Look for the next craze and don’t join the throngs, but see what things they will need and sell those items to them!


List of all Forex currency pairs by major, ecstatic and precious metals


This article presents a list of all Forex currency pairs. Currency pairs are classified according to major, external, valuable and interrelated pairs.

Forex Currency Pairs are an integral part of Forex trading. These are also called security. In foreign exchange compared to stocks and commodities, protection or trading tools are added to one Sell ​​- Buy Or Whether to sell Pattern For example, forex currency pairs EURUSD Technical means buying euros and selling dollars or selling euros and buying dollars. Profits are made when for example EUR is sold at 4 1.4500 and later at 49 2.4950 (i.e. bought) EURUSD Sell ​​at 4 1.4500 and later when the euro is at 49 2.4950) This is where the slogan “Buy low and sell high” comes into play.

Forex currency pairs found in Forex are often not known to many traders. Most traders would be more successful if they simply diversified their strategies to include currency pairs.

Other details such as swap, spread or range of currency pipes are not included in the list because they are broker specifications, and are dynamic in nature.

Forex pair

D. All Forex Currency Pairs (Alphabetical Order)

S / NFX pair

D. Outcad – Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar

D. AUDCHF – Australian Dollar / Swiss France

D. AUDJPY – Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen

D. ADNZ – Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar

5. AUDUSD – Australian Dollar / US Dollar

.. CADCHF – Canadian Dollar / Swiss France

7. CADJPY – Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen

8. CHFJPY – Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen

9. Eurod – Euro / Australian Dollar

10. EURCAD – Euro / Canadian Dollar

11. EURCHF – Euro / Swiss Franc

12. URDK – Euro / Danish Krone

13. EURGBP – Euro / Great Britain Pound

14. EURHUF – Euro / Hungarian Forint

15 EURJPY – Euro / Japanese Yen

16. Arnjdi – Euro / New Zealand Dollar

17. EURPLN – Euro / Polish Zloty


19. GBPAUD – Great Britain Pound / Australian Dollar

20. GBPCAD – Great Britain Pound / Canadian Dollar

21. GBPHF – Great Britain Pound / Swiss France

22. GBPJPY – Great Britain Pound / Japanese Yen

23. GBPNZ – Great Britain Pound / Australian Dollar

24 GBPUSD – Great Britain Pound / US Dollar

25 NJDCAD – New Zealand Dollar / Canadian Dollar

26. NZDHF – New Zealand Dollar / Swiss France

27. NZDJPY – New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen

28. NZDSD – New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar

29. USDCAD – US Dollar / Canadian Dollar

30 USADF – US Dollar / Swiss France

31. USDDK – US Dollar / Danish Kroner

32. USHKD – US Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar

33. USADHF – US Dollar / Hungarian Forint

34. USDJPY – US Dollar / Japanese Yen

35. USNNOK – US Dollar / Norwegian Kroner

36. USDPLN – US Dollar / Polish Zloty

37. USRN – US Dollar / Romanian Leu

38. USASK – US Dollar / Swedish Kronor

39. USDSGD – US Dollar / Singapore Dollar

40 USDTRY – US Dollar / Turkish Lira

41. USDizer – US Dollar / South African Rand

42. You bastard – South African Rand / Japanese Yen

D. Forex Currency – Big Pairs

These are basically trading pairs in Forex. Economically, these couples dominate the financial world because of their political and financial power. An unintended economic shock to any one of these pairs could send ripple effects that will have an impact on the world economy. These pairs are also known for their high volatility.

S / NFX pair


D. USDJPY – US Dollar / Japanese Yen

D. GBPUSD – Great Britain Pound / US Dollar

D. GBPJPY – Great Britain Pound / Japanese Yen

5. EURGBP – Euro / Great Britain Pound

.. EURJPY – Euro / Japanese Yen

7. USADF – US Dollar / Swiss France

D. Foreign pair of foreign currency

These are rarely paired with low volume, market depth and very high bid / ask spreads. Because of their high spread rate they are an expensive pair to trade.

S / NFX pair

D. USDDK – US Dollar / Danish Kroner

D. USHKD – US Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar

D. USADHF – US Dollar / Hungarian Forint

D. USDJPY – US Dollar / Japanese Yen

5. USNNOK – US Dollar / Norwegian Kroner

.. USDPLN – US Dollar / Polish Zloty

7. USRN – US Dollar / Romanian Leu

8. USASK – US Dollar / Swedish Kronor

9. USDSGD – US Dollar / Singapore Dollar

10. USDTRY – US Dollar / Turkish Lira

11. USDizer – US Dollar / South African Rand

12. URDK – Euro / Danish Krone

13. EURHUF – Euro / Hungarian Forint

14. EURPLN – Euro / Polish Zloty

15 Arnjdi – Euro / New Zealand Dollar

16. You bastard – South African Rand / Japanese Yen

D. Forex Currency – Related Pairs

Relevant pairs are currency pairs that have the same price patterns, currencies, reactions and price actions so it is not wise to trade a few of these pairs at the same time as it will increase the risk to your account when the market goes against you. It would also be disastrous to trade a few of these pairs at the same time because they go against themselves. For example if there is a sell signal EURUSD, Then it will 95% probably show the same signal GBPUSD But probably not with the same intensity.

S / NFX pair


D. EURGBP – Euro / Great Britain Pound

D. USADF – US Dollar / Swiss France

D. USDJPY – US Dollar / Japanese Yen

5. ADNZ – Australian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar

.. AUDUSD – Australian Dollar / US Dollar

7. GBPJPY – Great Britain Pound / Japanese Yen

8. GBPUSD – Great Britain Pound / US Dollar

9. EURJPY – Euro / Japanese Yen

10. AUDJPY – Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen

11. NZDJPY – New Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen

5. Forex Metal

These are resources in the form of gold and silver. Their unique nature creates an appetite for investment through their stock or product markets. These precious metals are also used as currency tenders and materials to produce high quality jewelry. The financial strength of some countries is backed up by the amount of their reserves in gold.

S / NFX pair

D. Jacquard – Gold / Euro spot

D. XAUSD – Gold spot

D. Excerpt – Silver / Euro spot

D. XAGUSD – Silver spot


Cryptocurrency: New Sensation


The concept of cryptocurrency was created in 1991. However, the first real implementation was made by Nakamoto in 2006. The first question is, what is cryptocurrency? This is a financial setup where the currency is being transferred between the two parties. Initially, problems like the double error method arose, although later the problem was solved through concepts like blockchain technology. The whole process is guided by cryptographic algorithms. A set of public and private keys is being transferred between the two parties. The details of each transaction are deposited in each block and for each client; A chain of blocks creates a complete list of transactions. All the blocks together form the block chain. These blockchains are nothing more than financial books. The strength of this new currency transaction system depends on the strength of the cryptographic algorithm. With the implementation of algorithms like DES, the confidentiality (blockchain) of every financial transaction has been strengthened. However, this idea has not yet been approved in many countries. The data in each block cannot be changed without responsiveness or network sensing. The share of cryptocurrencies is currently not expected to grow over time.

Some of the features of cryptocurrency are:

Cent decentralized

Rib distribution

Public laser

The above is the most important aspect of cryptocurrency but requires protection for effective use of the technology. Problems like double error were seen in the past though now that problem is solved. The biggest advantage of cryptocurrency is its updated feature without touching the central server. So, we don’t have to make any changes to the server. Also, the transaction can be done between any two members of the network or three or more.

Here are some of the benefits of cryptocurrency:


• Fast

I am reliable

Urate is perfect

However the technology has evolved even though it is not adopted by all countries. The biggest sensor in cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. It has been adopted by many countries. Similarly, you can find many more types of cryptocurrencies. Each of them uses a unique kind of algorithm. All of them, you can learn through cryptography. This is a broad topic and the application in the form of cryptocurrencies is one of the major successes of the last decade. Use will certainly quadruple in the coming years.

Digital currency is additionally used as part of suspicious settings such as online illegal businesses, for example, Silk Street. The first Silk Street was closed in October 2013, and two more forms have been used since then. In the year following the underlying closure of the Silk Street, the volume of uninterrupted fading markets expanded from four to twelve, while the measurement of drug postings expanded from 18,000 to 32,000.

Darknet market challenges challenges to legitimacy. Bitcoins and various types of digital money are used as part of fuzzy markets that are not explicitly or legally ordered in all parts of the world. Bitcoins in the United States have been dubbed “virtual resources”. This type of Q&A system weighs in on law enforcement offices around the world to keep up with the slow drug exchange in the slow market.


What is ICO in cryptocurrency?


ICO short for offering initial currency. When launching new cryptocurrencies or crypto-tokens, developers provide investors with a limited number of units in exchange for other large cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Etherium.

ICOs are amazing tools of quick fundraising to support new cryptocurrencies. Tokens issued during ICOs can be sold and bought on cryptocurrency exchanges, assuming they have sufficient demand.

Etherium ICO is a significant success and the popularity of initial coin offers is growing as we speak.

A brief history of ICOs

Ripple is probably the first cryptocurrency to be distributed through an ICO. In early 2013, Ripple Labs began developing the Ripple Payment system and generated about 100 billion XRP tokens. These were sold through an ICO to fund the development of Ripple’s platform.

MasterCoin is another cryptocurrency that sold millions of tokens for Bitcoin during the ICO in 2013.

Of course, there are other cryptocurrencies that have been successfully financed through ICOs. Back in 2016, Lisk collected about 5 5 million during their initial currency offer.

Nevertheless, the Etherium ICO that took place in 2014 is probably the most prominent so far. During their ICO, the Ethereum Foundation raised about TH 20 million and sold ETH at 0.0005 bitcoins each. As well as strengthening the power of the Ethereum Smart Contract, it has paved the way for the next generation of early currency offers.

The recipe for success is Ethereum ICO

Ethereum’s smart contract systems have implemented the ERC20 protocol standard, which sets the basic rules for creating other loyal tokens that can be traded in Ethereum’s blockchain. This allows others to create their own tokens, complying with the ERC20 standard that can be transacted directly for ETH on the Ethereum network.

DAO is a notable example of the successful use of Ethereum’s smart contracts. The investment firm has collected টি 100 million worth of ETHs and allows investors to participate in the operation of their platform in exchange for DAO tokens. Sadly, DAO failed after being hacked.

Etherium’s ICO and their ERC20 protocol outline the latest generation of crowdfunding blockchain-based projects through early coin offerings.

This makes it very easy to invest in other ERC20 tokens. All you have to do is transfer the ETH, stick the contract in your wallet, and new tokens will appear in your account so you can use them please.

Obviously, not all cryptocurrencies have ERC20 tokens in Ethereum’s network, but any new blockchain-based project could launch an initial coin offering.

Legal status of ICOs

There is a bit of a jungle out there when it comes to the legitimacy of ICOs. In theory, tokens are sold as digital products, not financial assets. Most jurisdictions do not yet regulate ICOs so assuming the founders have a seasoned lawyer in their team, the whole process should be paperless.

Nevertheless, some legislation has become aware of ICOs and is already working to regulate them in a similar manner to the sale of shares and securities.

In December 2017, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classified ICO tokens as securities. In other words, the SEC was preparing to stop ICOs that were considered misleading to investors.

In some cases the token is just a utility token. This means that the owner can easily use it to access a specific network or protocol without the owner defining it as financial security. Yet, equity tokens whose value is appreciated are very close to the concept of security. In fact, most token purchases are made specifically for investment purposes.

Despite the efforts of regulators, ICOs are still frozen in the gray legal zone and entrepreneurs will try to benefit from the initial currency offers until a clear regulation is imposed.

It is also worth mentioning that once the rules are finalized, the necessary expenditure and effort can be made to make ICOs less attractive than conventional funding options.

The final word

For now, ICOs have become an amazing way to fund new crypto-related projects, and many more are yet to come.

However, keep in mind that everyone is launching ICOs nowadays and many of these projects are either scandalous or lack the solid foundation to improve them and make it worth investing in. For this reason, you must do a thorough research and investigate the team and background of any crypto project you want to invest in. There are multiple websites that list ICOs, just search on Google and you will find some options.


Lightning Network Developer


The Lightning Network is a layer that exists at the top of Bitcoin. This latest invention is brought by the Bitcoin community. This level can be used as a payment protocol. This has been made possible by the ability to transport its value through humans. Clearly, bitcoins will be made both at the transport level and at an application level.

The power network has been praised by many for its ability to solve bitcoin scalability issues. It achieves this by enabling transactions between participating nodes. Also, concerns have been raised about the organization and importance of training people in cryptocurrency in use. Arguably, this training could go a long way in ensuring that those who take part in the crypto world are well aware of its activities. On that basis, QuinBSE is a platform that recruits and trains traders and buyers to use cryptocurrency. This article gives you information about the placement of Bitcoin at the top of the Bitcoin network.

Activities that include the sale and purchase of coinbase cryptocurrency. These also include providing safe storage. Since the Lightning Network is a new feature in the crypto world, it is important for all interested parties to have a good knowledge of its activities. The network has a system known as peer-to-peer that has the ability to generate micro payments. Basically, peer-to-peer systems work with digital cryptocurrencies through a network of channels without having to fund third-party custody. It is also important to note that the lightning network is mainly built on payment channels. This was an idea taken from Santoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin.

How the network works

The network works by allowing two people to keep some bitcoins at a multisig address. This is followed by the parties signing the transaction. These transactions have the ability to change the amount of bitcoins for which each party can redeem. However, either party has the power to close the payment channel at any time. The last signed transaction with the most updated balance for both parties is broadcast and added to the Bitcoin blockchain. A constantly growing list of bitcoin blockchain records that are linked and protected using cryptography. This list is called a block. It is also worth noting that a blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can be used to record transactions in two ways, verifiable and permanent.

Buzz Network Developer effectively allows users to transact business directly without live broadcasts. Clearly, the operations are quite confidential since they are not broadcast. Many have found this method to save time spent on transactions. At the same time the approach has been praised for avoiding the costs associated with blockchain.

As the current trends in business unfold, it is becoming clear that more and more people are interested in cryptocurrency. Undoubtedly this is a reasonable trend because the value of currencies is being assumed to be rising. It would be valuable if a real and solid knowledge of currencies is acquired before it is already connected to the crypto world.


What are the top 5 cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin?


Bitcoin has led the crypto world for so long, and is so influential that the terms crypto and bitcoin are often used interchangeably. However, the truth is that digital currency does not only contain bitcoin. There are many more cryptocurrencies that are part of the crypto world. The purpose of this post is to educate our readers on cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and provide them with a wide range of options to choose from – if they intend to invest in crypto.

So let’s start with the first name on our list:


Launched in 2011, Litcoin is often referred to as the “gold and silver of Bitcoin.” Charlie Lee – MIT graduate and former Google engineer – founder of Litcoin.

Like Bitcoin, Litcoin is a decentralized, open source network that operates without a central authority.

Litcoin is similar to Bitcoin in many ways and often leads people to think: “Why not go with Bitcoin? Both are the same!”. Here’s a catch: Litcoin’s block generation is much faster than Bitcoin’s! And this is why merchants around the world are becoming more open to accepting litcoin.


And an open source, decentralized software platform. The coin was launched in 2015 and enables smart contract and distribution applications to be built and run without any downtime.

Etherium platform applications require a specific cryptographic token – Ether. According to the original developers of Etherium, the token can be used to trade, secure and decentralize anything.

Etherium launched an attack in 2016 that saw the currency split into two parts: Etherium and Etherium Classic.

In the competition of the top cryptocurrencies, Etherium is the second most popular and just behind Bitcoin.


Jacash came out later in 2016. The currency defines itself as: “If Bitcoin is like HTTP for money, then Jacash is https”.

ZCash promises transparency, security and confidentiality of transactions. The currency also provides the option of ‘soldered’ transactions so that users can transfer data in the form of encrypted code.


Dash is basically a secret version of Bitcoin. It is also known as ‘Darkcoin’ due to its secret nature.

Dash is popular for publishing an extended name that makes it impossible for its users to trace transactions.

The currency first appeared on the canvas of the digital market in 2014 and since then it has followed a huge fan base in a very short time.


With a market capitalization of over B 1bn, Ripple is the last name on our list. The coin was launched in 2012 and provides instant, secure and low-cost payments.

Ripple does not require mining in the consent register, a feature that sets it apart from Bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Lack of mining reduces computing power which ultimately reduces delays and speeds up transactions.

Let’s end:

While Bitcoin continues to lead the crypto pack, rivals are gaining momentum. Currencies like Ethereum and Ripple have surpassed Bitcoin in enterprise solutions and are growing in popularity every day. Seeing the trend other cryptos are here to stay and will soon give Bitcoin a really tough time maintaining its height.


A Guide to Successfully Trading Major Cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrency trading has taken the world by storm and it has become the norm for most traders and investors. If you are interested enough to do your research before you go into trading, you will eventually have the opportunity to enjoy real growth and profits. The worst thing you can do when it comes to this type of trading is to blindly go blind because that’s what everyone else is doing. A little research about major currencies and buying and getting in-depth business basics can make a huge difference. Below are a few guidelines that will push you to success with your business.

Take time to understand how blockchain works

Blockchain technology has redefined transactions and is changing everything. A blockchain can be defined as a list of records that are constantly enclosed in blocks and connected using cryptography. Blockchains are resistant to data correction and serve as a record of public transactions between the parties. The transparent and decentralized nature of the blockchain makes it highly secure and it is truly effective and reliable in the world of hacking. It solves manipulation problems that are currently manifesting in the world. Where a single individual blockchain can’t claim to understand something, learning a few basic things will give you a much easier time with your business.

Learn and learn the top currencies

Virtual currency sites are becoming crowded due to how popular currencies have become. The fact is that there are over 100 cryptocurrencies out there today, which means you need to know which ones are top and most popular, so you can make the right choice when it comes to profitability. Bitcoin is in the top half of the market, but Litcoin and Etherium are also at the top and give Bitcoin a run. Find out as much as you can about the currency you are interested in. You can actually trade multiple cryptocurrencies without any challenges.

Feel the underlying risk

Bitcoin and other currencies are quite volatile when compared to the stock market and gold. Remember that this is still a technology in its early days and it faces a lot of challenges. The chances of profit are high but there are also risks. Public perceptions about a currency can actually affect its prices. What comes up is bound to come down so be careful about your business moves. The more risky the rewards, the better. The cryptocurrency you choose is the best you can do to influence prices and keep an eye on events that can work fast.

Once you know the basics for cryptocurrency trading, you can go ahead and open a brokerage account and raise funds, but you can start buying and selling currencies. The rewards for interested businessmen are numerous.